Why MinecraftU

Minecraft is incredibly popular. Chances are, if you have a son or daughter, they have either heard about it from their friends or are playing it already.

Minecraft itself is filled with problem solving examples like: building a house, creating sustainable farms to prevent starvation, and even creating simple machines with electricity.

How does it work?

Students play the game as if they would any other time: completing quests and progressing in skill.

Our worlds, though, also include "virtual computers", allowing the students the ability to make their own computers and program them.
Beginner (Ages ~6-11)
The beginner camps have the same curriculum as the Advanced camps, but they have fewer responsibilities outside of their own progress.

Advanced (Ages ~12+)
The advanced curriculum requires students to balance the needs of the community and their varied responsibilities within that community with their own personal progression

What Is The Cost?

$50 - One-Time Registration Fee
$125/week - Half-day Camp Seat
$225/week - Full-day Camp Seat

Registration Fee

Your student will receive a t-shirt and wristband with USB storage built-in, with all camp challenges included!

What's Included?

Each camp will be staffed by a certified Caddo Teacher and a technical expert.

Equipment Provided by Computer Labs

*Lunch Not Provided for Half or Full-Day*
Full day camp seats include pizza on Fridays.

Planned Locations