Why MinecraftU

Minecraft is incredibly popular. Chances are, if you have a son or daughter, they have either heard about it from their friends or are playing it already.

Minecraft itself is filled with problem solving examples like: building a house, creating sustainable farms to prevent starvation, and even creating simple machines with electricity.

How does it work?

Students play the game like they would any other game, and are facilitated by certified Caddo teachers.
For Beginners (Ages ~6-11)
The beginner camps have the same curriculum as the Advanced camps, but they have fewer responsibilities outside of their own progress.

For Advanced Students (Ages ~12+)
The advanced curriculum requires students to balance the needs of the community and their varied responsibilities within that community with their own personal progression
The camps last 10 weeks throughout the summer, and each week is a different experience with new challenges to overcome.

What Is The Cost?

$125/week - Half-day Camp Seat
$225/week - Full-day Camp Seat

What You Get

Your student will receive a t-shirt and wristband with USB storage built-in, with all camp challenges included!

What's Included?

Each camp will be staffed by a certified Caddo Teacher and a technical expert.

Equipment Provided by Computer Labs

*Lunch Not Provided for Half or Full-Day*
Full day camp seats include pizza on Fridays.

Planned Locations