Why MinecraftU

Minecraft is incredibly popular. Chances are, if you have a son or daughter, they have either heard about it from their friends or are playing it already.

Minecraft itself is filled with problem solving examples like: building a house, creating sustainable farms to prevent starvation, and even creating simple machines with electricity.

What Are Mods?

Modifications, which is shorted to "mods" (what your kids say) is a piece of software that changes the base behavior of Minecraft. They are installed using a "launcher", called Technic Launcher.

MinecraftU uses these basic tools and the thousands of free mods available in conjunction with the MinecraftU curriculum to bend the Minecraft universe to our classrooms.

For instance, using a mod called ComputerCraft, we can teach kids the basics of computing as well as programming by giving them in-game computers and robots that will do their bidding.

You can also find mods specific to agriculture, petroleum engineering, and even computer networking.

What Is The Cost?

Twin Engine Labs covers all costs to outfit classrooms and teachers with the materials and training they need to sponsor a club or host a camp.

The only costs are the stipends that the sponsoring school wishes to pay the professor who guides the camps or clubs and any Minecraft accounts the school wishes to permanently own.

Twin Engine Labs and MinecraftU-Shreveport is not creating a non-profit, nor can we accept donations, though we will proactively cover costs and sponsor new materials, sharing results in a way that is transparent to the public.

In this way, we aim for this to be a truly untethered program specifically created by private industry to aid Shreveport youth in obtaining real skills in the technology world.

Twin Engine Labs

Our company is a small, tight-knit group of individuals who pride themselves on working diligently to solve any problem.

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