MinecraftU's curriculum was original tailored for a five day camps per age group.

MCU-Shreveport's first efforts were in camp form during July 2017 in partnership with SUSLA.
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MinecraftU-Shreveport's volunteers and Twin Engine Labs aim to implement a year long club/elective format for High Schools and Middle Schools to take part in during the 2017-2018 school year.

These clubs will allow a sponsor teacher to get much more individual attention with each student, and progress their skills from basic procedural programming of virtual robots to full blown Java software development by making "mods" for Minecraft.

In this way we hope to create several pathways for students to move through, culminating in college-ready skills or employment ready knowledge.
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Southern University at Shreveport Louisiana was the first college to offer the camp format for Shreveport's MinecraftU camps in July, 2017.

SUSLA provided teacher stipends, training costs, materials costs (t-shirts and certificate printing) and provided all of the computers used, while Twin Engine Labs provided enrichment to the training, technical support during the camps, and advertising and enrollment for the camp.

Special thanks to Capital One for the generous donation of computers in the SUSLA computer lab used by our camp enrollees and SUSLA staff.

2017-2018 Club Sponsors


Instructor: Billy Hanisee

Woodlawn Academy

Instructor: Tim Butler

Twin Engine Labs

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