Camps Coming Summer 2018!

MinecraftU is a camp that uses the game Minecraft to teach kids how to program computers.

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What is MinecraftU?

Our curriculum is designed and created INSIDE of Minecraft itself, which means all you need is a computer and a Minecraft login to experience our world.

May 28 - Aug 3 2018

10 weeks of self-lead curriculum, with a drop-in/drop-out format (buy a week at a time!).

Students work through the curriculum at their own pace, with incentivized rewards for learning and help on hand when needed.

For ages 6-11 and 12-16.

Proudly Sponsored By:

Twin Engine Labs

World 1:

Your kids will learn the basics of survival in our world, as well as problem solving while collaborating with friends.

World 2:

Students will begin to learn the basics of how to interact with computers using the same interfaces the pros use.

World 3: 

Students will write programs that solve specific problems within Minecraft and beyond.

World 4:

Students will take the next step in their programming journey by making robots do the work for them.

World 5:

Students will be given challenges which will test their learning and creative problem solving skills.


May 28 - Aug 3, 2018

Purchase 1 week at a time!
Drop in - drop out As needed

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What will my kids learn?

Each level is skill based only, kids can move at their own pace!

Computing Basics

Your kids will learn how to use a mouse and keyboard to control their Minecraft character with others of similar skill level. We'll patiently show them how to use these new tools, even at early ages.

Problem Solving

Kids will learn the basic survival skills in the Minecraft world: make tools, gather materials, use those tools to make farms, build houses and more.

REdstone Circuits

Electricity in the Minecraft universe is called Redstone. Kids will learn the basics of electricity, circuits, logic gates and switches. With this knowledge, they'll truly be able to appreciate controlling computers with code.


Kids will learn how to install the mod called ComputerCraft, allowing them control and code robots to do their work for them and make virtual computers!

Java & Modding

For advanced kids only, this class teaches what you need to know to make modifications to Minecraft itself. Want to make a candy cane sword? You do it with the same skills of modern day programmers!

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